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stealing a line from artguy

Posted to Action Poetry

"my ego and I"
look at you in different ways
i see you and see your dreams
i see your thoughts
and how beautiful they are
my ego sees you and
she makes me look good
look at that hot body
i wonder what she's like in bed

but me...i'm different
i want to know what makes you tick
what you think about foriegn policy
and what book you're reading
right now

but my ego
is deafening
it yells and screams
right in my ear
about your tight tight ass
and that perfect
dip in the small
of your back

let it be a combination of both
let me worship your body
and love your mind
let me disect both
and bind you to me

let me
let me
let me think it's possible
to do both...
please let me