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the Dance, the Tune, the Turn

Posted to Action Poetry

where lies the elusive freedom
that teases us for years

we look in the darkest corners
we hunt across hiways
we read the books, learn the stories
we stuff ourselves with the words
describing this one concept

Freedom - is within

[what the fuck you talkin', willis?
what the shit does that mean?
within... shit! within what?]

silence holds the answer
silence stills the mind
silence speaks of everything
silence consumes the bullshit
like a black hole (whole)
like that density of eternity
forever gaping with one big mouth
sucking down the universe
swallowing the constellations
like m&m's on a munchies trip

this big silence
silences all intrusions
quiets the dreams
lays to rest the unrest
the senses stilled
the mind emptied of all
we dissolve into the void
I no longer is
We are a no thing
All becomes One
One becomes All

Bagga shann...boogie down... fever!!!

welcome back to the Big Womb
the Big Dark holding the Light
Hands no longer visible
No thing to distingusih
Ego extinguished
Launched into the Sea
One drop now in the Big Consciousness

Freedom from All

Awareness Awakened

We have come Home

Freedom! The aura of Love
manifested within
we return to Life
and its mundane
to plant the Seed
Sexual Procreation
Creative Interpretation
We consumed ---
We delight in squeezing
the results from Within
upon our canvases
sharing the Journey

We mimmick the experience
thru tools of our fancy

bee-boppa lu-lah shimmy shimmy

the dance releases the energy