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one hour photo process

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of inorganic buildings backgrounds, in banyan trees you hang, one foot on a branch, one foot off, with flip flops that grab onto the toes, in death grip, sunset in a cove, your favorite one, all in a shoe box, under your bed, i watch you watch me from the mirrored walls as i slowly bend down, to reveal my back with snake motion, creating the atmosphere that will later turn into moments spent in one anothers bodies, my pyrogems, going rampant inside to kill the infection that has begun, flush face, your eyes with drops in them, opaled visions with rainbow stream hints, i hear you play the piano, if you knew, self made song, hands never looking at the keys, as the words pour out of your throat, in sadness that pinches my heart with nothing to hide, i fall into your being then, lost forever in your blue era, like a child without any restrictions i am yours, i need to develop the pictures, to remember before work bekons you away, which i know it has...
avery accept my apology and don't be mad, i am just insane