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soft twilight

Posted to Action Poetry

there is a soft light behind your eyes
into which i'm crawling.
you, the open palm of night
decorated with diamond stars glinting--
all facets closing in around me.
you, my night of worshipping
holding my heart with firm hands
and whispering the hush of pink satin
onto the sun of my twilight.
in the blurry sacred vision of us
i see the sloping curve of your neck
glistening in the june morning
with a sleek trail of my kisses
left sparkling.
in these winged months
the hue of you has changed from crimson
to a wild finally quiet brush of loose lime.
your body something so cradling
while the inner terror of me crawls sulking
saddened by the defeat of its settling
because your arms have reached
that far and wide.
the crystal moon of all evening dances
is held deep within the fleshy middle of your heart
to which i am travelling
bit by bit
covered with a veil of off-white lace
punctured with the circles of beautiful pearls
watching your memories
slink and twist by these wide open eyes
while my heart stretches in the summer wind
telling you i'm yours,
take me,
i'm yours.