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Never understand complexity (repost)

Posted to Action Poetry

why don't we give one more lung to the pimple-eyed arms and hop lilypad status-quo..where i'm sick of my self-insults again and rename my own martyr..but keep it untitled to be continued for awhile even though i feel the sinking quick sand and create purple whirlpools...not enough to smell the fragrance of the destituted desolation marked as an island..when was it that we established it? own worst enemy and disgrace to this so-called angelic face..unzip my skin and throw it in the corner..keep it on the to-do list to clean with the rest of my dirty laundry. broaden my horizons on fattened words when i can't even stand to see my naked reflection in the mirror with starved notions..when did my apetite for knowledge surpass a healthy eating habit...seemin to never return from compliments of me looking the best i ever have...simple to look at it that way..listen to the undertone of my voice and you'd say different..lost in my own world and seeming to become invisible to the 'real'..where reality is what i call a fantasy..walk among the dead and call it livable? too grotesque an image to make a concept..loss of respect because of dawdlers..turn out all to be gaminghens for fishermen. standing knobbkneed with one eyelash left pale as casper's ass maybe because i get along better without frustrations of Mankind that i'd rather look at charcoal i puked up under a microscope...disect a simple mind and find spider tracks..knawing off my ears and keep for souveneirs..never said i was a credit card commercial. imaginary link to a dillusional world that will never get it. waisting my breath in callou handshakes and perspirant palms..let me polish the silver before you're welcome in my home..forget about the carpetland holidays and fake smiles just to humor dressage. to my conclusions you'll never hear because you mind's-eye didn't come with batteries and battery acid leaked all over the frontal lobe of your brain..the right side never came with an instruction manual so you never took the time to figure it out by yourself because you decided you didn't like getting your hand dirty. summon up great strengths to understand what you think one word of mine is when really it was an action; verbal not visual.