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Arpeggio - classical keys to Love

Posted to Action Poetry

Chopin's Waltz in C Minor,
the major treat of dangerous blends of sound
resound the astounding miracles in my ear,
me here to hear the engines overhead
teasing my flowerbed, wings spread like gravity
had a hold of their taunt, the waltz a three step beat
to a gloss of heat over flame, making the fireplace place
itself as the focal point, joint, the efforts of anointing
the landing field, Love like a Giant tormenting the compliancy
of all this is, Sonata Pathatique playing the keys of what's not
and what is like a pro, taking the music to grow through and past
the halos of wish into a kiss of arpeggio,
his flute in my mouth as i blow a staccato symphony,
the epiphany of wonder at the fingertips of god's thunder,
the stars like pins through a cradle, insatiable the moon
so half full, so in tune with a universal harmony!

i am the grounded silt of garden's never wilt,
the mulch of caution keeping me wet, the sweat of
tilling, the never yet, the dawn coming on like a song aired
on wings of Beethoven's Tempest, the depth of the soil
not yet pierced by the planting!

garden me!
make me grow!
my colors are ready to pique
though we still await the storm!

i will bring daffodils and Truth
to the morn', my arms like a Nocturne
winning the blues
with a sigh!