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i can just laugh and wish and think

Posted to Action Poetry

he says hes found potential,
potential in someone else
i think hes just found shit in himself.
found insanity
to think that hes not would be ridiculous when he cries more than me,
cries at nothing but somethings tearing him apart, somethings worse than breaking my heart that wont ever shatter,
didnt shatter when you said i would
didnt fuck my whole world over when you thought you could
laugh laugh laugh
joke w/ me some more
ask if you can be a friend
forgive you?
forget you is more like it
this time things are changing,
changing more than before
things that you cant see are in front of you all the time
things that you say are in me are really in you
lack of strong will, lack of self-esteem, lack of strength to move on,
what a great come-on it was to have taken me back,
and told me once again what i lack
seems to me loves what you cant hack when your so down theres nothing you can do but pop some more pill and dream about dying and dream about some sunny sunshine daydream
those days of sun and cool melodies ringing incessantly through your ears,
days of hot women around you waiting to be fucked over and help w/ ur fears,
ah, great to be in and out again, out in five and then out by ten,
what i had u dont win,
and what i have you'll never see again,
ciao, move on just like im doing today
move on just like i did in what felt like yesterday
but was two years
almost clockwork, the change,
it seems to hit me when this place feels strange
and again its fucked and fucked by you
knew a fucked up helpless frailty wouldnt do
couldnt be stable any less
thinking the huge mess on the table left by me cant be picken right back up
cant be put back together
cant stay in love forever
cant be put back into happiness ever..
but thats completely wrong
must now no never. never knew me
wish you hadnt tried
wish you hadnt tried to show me something in you was good
perhaps wouldve saved a ridiculous cry or two
but theres nothing to be done now by you
nothing to help me out and i dont need help when all i can do is laugh