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When Pigs Fly

Posted to Poetry

Human genome into step down a level [maybe two] and pigs will fly!
Not those cute pink little pigs like "Babe" -- oh no not them!
Pigs mudcovered, stench of wallowing, in dire need of Epilady treatments
Surprised they are above the earth, loosing their sphincter controls.
What a wonderful, wonderful world to inhabit for humans as plummeting pig crap falls to the ground
Gives a new meaning to the old "duck and cover" teachings to schoolchildren during war times.
Of course some curious scientist will eventually make this old saying come true.
Target practice for the NRA, Charlton Heston and rednecks everywhere,
Oh what a wonderful future for our children! Pig-Skeet shooting an Olympic sport.
Which city will bid on the Olympics when pigs fly?