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War Scars

Posted to Poetry

Portraying inferiority by an
Act out of loyalty
Defend your true country
Wish away pain.
Hand out commodities
To save little families
Surrealistic fantasies and
Stark realistic pain
Hold me down in restitution
Living out your days with fusion
Are politics written in bastardized ethics?
Don`t feel guilty
Master writing

Somebody said that they`re not much like me
I know I can make up enough of the words
Sing to you and go away filled with tears

Slippery optimistic pessimist hyprocrite master
Conservative communist apocalyptic bastard.
Thank you dear God for putting me on this earth
I feel guilty being in debt for birth.

Hold me down in restitution
Living out your date with fusion
Coping well without medications?
Don`t feel guilty
Master nations.