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This was meant for Firecracker but Nick can join in...

Posted to Action Poetry

I couldn't sleep
tossing, turning, ferris wheeling
someone, somewhere touching me
that brush you feel
ghosts or crawlies
then I knew it must be you
gingerly seeking, trysting me
slopes of icey hot tumbles
wet, sweats, I couldn't rest
lingering lustful thoughts
of forbidden fruits
no garden variety peach
you mango, you kewi, you papaya
lush with ripe juices
dripping, wiping my brow
and then a cool breeze from the window
sliding across my dampness
and I could finally rest...

Loved it got my motor running again! Thanks babe.
Nick, hope you don't mind but it was spontaneous and I didn't wanna retype...

Ahhhh, good morning,