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cracked from this coma

Posted to Action Poetry

free me from
my sleeping
she said,
speaking from
the prison
of frozen dreams
my rapid-eye-movement
realities, encased
in fluid
like a mute brain
the linament
that rushes
at you from
a distance,
draws you in
like a fish hook in yr lip

oh baby you are the
snow white of this
forest moonlight bird
song moment, draped
in a sleeping death
that you cannot escape
the motionless trundle
you do not remove

sleeping beauty in
leather & red hair,
the envious portent
of rescues to come,
chains that bind you
to yr tower in your
coarse blue sleeping

the binds of
suspended animation
i was the fetal pig
in formaldehyde,
a sample in a jar
awaiting my acute
dissection, the sure
elimination of my
flower offerings

(the particle of the
piece of the part of
the power that opens
up this purification,
my salvation of
wonder, tripped to
the living by just
causes, bereft of
all disrepair)

i am cracked from
this coma, dragged
breathing into
the beat heart
of the universe

& you
you are
coming with
& bringing
all yr friends
fairy tales that
explode into
a fire of
burning in
for the we