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Song of the River

Posted to Action Poetry

The warm water flows and gushes
The caves are silent coffins
Moist and secretive
Tiny vibrations
Humming, droning
Black water lounges in deep pools
Hidden currents
The harmony is rich and chromatic

Swarms of nasty black flies
Hovering over the sweet liquid
In the thick, spiraled glass
Under the surface
Children chatter, giggle and murmur
Like baby birds
Dreams and longing rise and fall with the undulating breeze
Phrases begin and end
Overlapping and intertwining

Glades and tall ferns
The pure smell of rot
Life beginning and ending
Flesh speaking to flesh
Showers of sprinkling waterfalls
Catches glimpses of violet and chrome
In the glint of the sun
The pitches and rhythms of the wistful melody
Constantly repeating
Yet never quite the same twice

The old ones watch their lives go by
Aware of the flowing of time
Trying to slow the relentless tempo
Eating juicy peaches on the lush green banks
Watercolours become parched
Under the timeless sun, limbs become sunburnt
The sky smells pure blue
This day could last forever

The river always flows
Singing, pushing red rock and rusty beds
Vomiting eggs, toys and skin
Paddling, wading and splashing in the shallow green pools
The caves echo our song
Now this is history

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