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Posted to Action Poetry

i wear your
absence close
against my
curling my body
against the space
where you never slept
every night
in half awake moments
i'm listening for
the words
i won't hear you say
and reaching for the
skin i won't
feel beneath my
i could sink
into sleep right
at this moment
knowing these
truths are
they're final
there's no going back
but instead i lay
and stare at
empty patterns
on my blank ceiling
sinking a little deeper
into what i want
and can't have.

i could go on
forever this way
breaking nightly
and gluing myself
back together in the
but i know there is
no reason for this
because aching over you
won't make you
come here
and so i know
it's time
to make this
so i can breathe
without desire
pressing on
my lungs
i know my solution
it's time to
finish this