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Lost in the Wilderness

Posted to Action Poetry

Lost in the wilderness
Richness, mystery and expectation
Pastel shades blending
The trees are reaching out
Leaves become fingers
Making tiny sounds through the centuries
Growing from seed to giant unnoticed
Sure as a whisper

Wine pouring, the summer madness
Bridges crossing rivers - going places
Everything is gradual
The tempo is so slow
Waiting a year for the next pulse
Four for the next barline
The rhythm is sporadic and syncopated
Nature is improvising

Sounds like jazz in the countryside
Wild and impulsive
Insects and plants moving and shaping the landscape
Tipping the delicate balance
The scent of clover and pollen
Sexual, potent and subtle
A Ballet, a 'Grande Valse'
Grotesque carousel music
A fairground under the kaliedescope weather