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Postcard from the Future

Posted to Action Poetry

Dear you:

It's me, us. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what will be before it becomes.

You will be tired, a lot.

You will listen to dance-club music digitized and without words brought to you by way of Madison Avenue.

You will think you are hip, but you're still a geek.

You will lecture others, especially people younger than you.

You will actually use the word DNA to describe the soul of just about everything.

You will be boring and so unhip, but I already told you that.

Children, especially young ones, will run screaming from you. The older ones will make cracks behind your back. These are your kids.

You will talk about "raising" or "lowering" the "bar"

Your barroom days will be over.

You will be like a crab, scuttling on ocean floors.

You will dream of a circus and then go to one.

You will actually wear bermuda shorts and black socks, and be comfortable wearing them.

You will have a potbelly.

You will be ignored by people with brains.

You will buy a brand new motorcar.

You will watch reruns of Mayberry RFD, and laugh.

You will break into your girlfriend's house and be arrested. She will not press charges. You leave town and meet someone else and get married.

You will give up smoking.

You will adopt a skinny black cat and call it "Mr. Chuckles."

You will insist that your daughter not go out with "that boy."

You will cry watching television.

You will stop believing in God.

You will get old, and sometimes sick.

You will die.

You will think about your mother before she died.

You will be loved, and you will be missed.

Now, got any more questions?