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dear firecracker,

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I'm too shy to introduce myself on 'Utterances', but I can do it right here, so if people happen to read this, this is me:

I'm Natasha and live in Estonia, but my nationality is twofold, as my mother was Russian and my dad Estonian, but I learned of course first Russian from my mom. I work as a secretary of a boss in a chemical factory, so nowadays it's utterly important to learn English, German and French too in our country because of international contacts.

My poor mom died five years ago of cancer, but I have a family of my own, too, but, as so many, I'm divourced... it's the curse of inter-cultural relationships, when neither one of the partners understands fully each other on the emotional level - I remember many times when my parents were very unhappy when they just weren't able to communicate, to say what they thought in a deeper level.

I divourced last year, I have two kids, aged 10 and 13, well you can gess that I'm almost 40 now. I call myself 'brought-on-the-earth', because I strongly feel that a new phase has started in my life, something positive, new hopes for my future, it's like feeling reborn along with the awakening spring nature!

My hobbis are English and other Europaean languages, which I need in my work, and I like to read novells a lot (when have time), and just now I'm reading Kerouac's "On the Road"... as part of my new liberal lifestile...
Now I have to take care of this household and see if my kids have done their homework, put on the washing mashine, and prepare for my workday tomorrow by sleeping enough!