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huddled in the corner

Posted to Action Poetry

of ac units face held up and down by knees, pressing my eyes open, sitting there for four hours, no minute hands cloud cover to count just a foggy watch that works half the time because i always forget to take it off when i go in the shower, staring,, at boots, thread marks, laces knotted, ugly blood floor not endless but seeming to be cuz my head won't move, stuck in thought that i don't have, drill press my attention core holes, any minerals there, guy tapped me on my shoulder snapping me out of my useless meditation handing me a cup of water, a blue cup with white clean water, the ocean becoming drinkable, i didn't even know i was thirsty until i held it, drank it, felt comfortable ice coat my neck and outfit my insides, good samaritan, i need a neighbor, a neighborhood, a barBQ, a gathering, a relivable prom or birthday celebration, a farewell,