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back to the hood

Posted to Action Poetry

ring ring ring
goes the liberty bell
it says
please let us not
to those times
where the buildings
just burned and burned

Florence and Normandie
these streets
forever famous will be

along with
Manchester, Vermont,
Figueroa, Martin Luther King Jr.,
Crenshaw, Jefferson,
Rodeo and Century Blvd
fires a blaze
cars and stores
looted and charred

who knew 81 seconds
could ensue
such flamage
such wreckage
such shit
to get through

tension like a disease
spread mercilessly
first with Rodney King
then with Latasha Harlins
all because of
their black skin

even with a store video
Soon Ja Du got
to go
home to her family
to her hood

a young girl was dead
in the ground
with her parents
left with nothing
how did this get
so twisted around?

riot on the rebound
because people needed
to speak out
no doubt
and they did so
in the only way
they knew how
with violence
and racial shouts

making it personal
because this is as personal
as personal gets
this is your hood
this is your people
the people you depend on
the people who raised you
who learned you
who made this life
in this
south central

back to the hood
10 years later
where the poor people are
where the unemployment rate
is thick as tar
each time there is a bit
of recession
the ghetto gets
clinical depression
it starts its regression
and it's a fight
between communities
between gangs
between stereotyping
and racial profiling

in the mini marts
in the police stations
in the over crowded jail cells
ring ring ring
goes the liberty bell

this is home
here in the hood
we do we got to do
to survive
because we are deprived
of food
of money
of education
of a fair view
from this american nation

and yet the police scandals
move on and on
if you'll recall
with Tu Pac
and Biggie Smalls
don't forget america
you've been known
for your
short attention span
and the cover ups
from the government
white man

are you
enforcing the peace
causing the gunfire to cease?
or simply showing off
the sick ego
of some dirty police?

whether your colors
be blue or red
a gun is a gun
and a bullet can
kill you dead

ring ring ring
goes the liberty bell
ring it so loud
and raise some hell
bring the media here
to look us in the eye
we'll tell them
to report the facts
not rumors
or stories
that cause people
to overreact

look us in the eye
human to human
don't capitalize
on our lives

don't sensationalize
or improvise
don't compromise
your journalistic integrity

help us achieve unity
in this "land of opportunity"

these are our lives
here in the hood
help us
don't hate us
are we understood?