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fuck you, sympathetic windbag

Posted to Action Poetry

your eyes well up
while you tell tales
of how unfair life is
for those people
how the system's fucked them over
and over again
how we should hold hands
and love
and make sure nobody cries
or goes to bed hungry
oh, your eyes well up
while you talk
about how things
should be better
for everyone
all the while sitting
in your comfortable chair
counting your
goddamned money.

but of course,
it's easy
to talk about justice
when you're living in suburbia
when you drive past those people
with your windows rolled up
when nobody's ever pointed out
that your skin's colored wrong
it's easy to talk
to spin sympathetic words
about the plight of the poor
and the brutality of racism
go on,
spout out your words
talk and talk and talk some more
about how much you care
your bullshit sympathy spew
doesn't fix anything
so fuck you,
sympathetic windbag
why don't you
do something or
live something or
shut the fuck up