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Blessed be

Posted to Action Poetry

Hear the childs
laughter ringing
as you sit at kitchen
table thinking about
your new life

She has been reborn
the karmic wheel has turned
Sitting in the carwash storm
laughing at Bob Dylan

Do I really really
deserve to be this happy?
All I have dreamed
It is coming into being

I look out of my window
to the left
is my sons favourite things
trains and tracks
the other side
horses munching peacefully
Nina Simone croons
It's a new dawn
Mushrooms explode
like dinner plates
in the front lawn
I shall cook them with
lavish amounts of garlic
He arrived this morning
and helped with my daughters shoes
twinkled as my son
slapped my rump
I drive towards the mountains
I knew I'd be a good driver
I have to pick up the dress today
Sacred marriage will be
Two eternal star children
who have had it rough
now what was that poem
he left on the table
all those months ago?
"crossing bridges
bear no flame
then you may
come play
We are the new/old
to the life
we deserve
Now should I ask him
to wear those antlers
he had in his shop?
Do your little hunter dance
and lets go in that
God/Goddess trance
and shower the world
with our
watchout world
here we come!!!