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The Symphony of My Heart -Edited Version

Posted to Action Poetry

A heart beating, paces through the body
Inner vibrations as they are coming and going

As the tide still beats against caves, restless
We run, seeking shelter, a monument below an arc or a bridge

Rusted enough by the salty air
Which impales itself upon, clinging still

Lost in this bliss of remaining hopeful

For a brand new day, or at least a new batch

Of dreams to formulate and represent oneself

Among the demons keeping us back,
holding real taught

Another set of notes strung across the page

Like the symphony of my heart,is playing
Just for the love of you, my darling...

You, my Rothchild which shall never be opened...
Merely dusted upon, with the slightest feathering

Unable to breathe nor expose the nakedness of legs

What with a glass that becomes empty, stems from reaching distances

An object of my affections, of beauty to ponder only
No one shall see the presence of this chest opened

Worth a wind that once filled these lungs completely,
I clutch onto, so that I may fly

This, my Baron to a fortune that lies

Probing fondly at the corners of my mind, I shall not render it,

Only bury it within, hopeless, unrequitable...

Lusting wholly for the first touch to my lips

Always, "I'll be loving you, Always..."