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there's a group in my town

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ironically called the diversity action team. there's a lot of ethnic and religious diversity in my town... which is really cool, especially considering the fact that the population here is under 10,000. anyway... this diversity action team has meetings. their purpose is to try to bring about harmony and understanding among the races. a noble goal. but it's the same group of people who sit on every single other board and committee in the community talking. that's all they do. talk. they don't reach out. they don't invite people from the projects to sit on the board. it's just a bunch of people making themselves feel better by spouting off about how bad racism is without actually doing a damn thing to change anything.

i used to work for one of the chairs of the committee. she asked me to recommend a video for the board to watch at its meeting. i suggested a film called ethnic notions which details the disgusting racist practices in advertising. she seemed excited about it, and thanked me for my suggestion. the day after the meeting, she yelled at me, because the video made people too uncomfortable. i asked her if she thought racism was comfortable and pretty... and she told me to get out of her office.

talk all you want to about how things are unfair. if you're not willing to confront the problems, then all you are is a sympathetic windbag. and you're not helping anything.

and that's all.