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Posted to Action Poetry

billow out my mouth
as my loins catch flame
that burn into my heart
as my eyes fill with fluid
to turn into smoke puffs
as they drop upon
my searin body
sendin signals into
the blu skies
that whisper out
names of all those before
once intimate inside
my tender body
minglin fluids
into arcane science
of secret potions
to recreate biblical standards
unchained in sacrilege
i feel touch upon
cucumber melon'd flesh
that reads my mind
and speaks to my
agape mouth salivatin
faded like little dust
clouds on the horizon
never to take the same
form ever again
driftin on the sea
of memory that swallows
empty boats into whirlpools
with catalily frames
in the winds of early april
i feel my groin
grow alive with tingles
as once again
the cycle rounds
into repetition
of the inevidable
night time closure