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Schroedingers girl

Posted to Poetry

You go to bed with the body,
but you wake up with the head...

We're blasting furiously through the bedrock
I'm astounded by her Byzantine good looks
her T-shirt, and her valium head-dress

In the alley the day is dying
with it its pockets turned out and its head
love the way she accosts each moment
a year to her is not a length of time
it's a sack to cram with experience

The frantic stockbrokers are chewing their sleeves
the frenzied doctors are inventing new disease'
she's freezing time in the kitchen
even Einstein would have to agree

She shaves her legs with Occam's razor
while Schroedingers cat sits on her shoulder
I woke up in the morning and my body was gone
lifted back the covers to find them stuffed with pillows

Where have you taken me?
I thought I'd better go down to the identity parade
to pick out the man I once was
but the cop says 'that one has a perfect alibi'
I said 'I know – I was there!'