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Cool Love / New Love

Posted to Action Poetry

confusing to others
just happened
a heartfelt feeling
no battle plan
never was an attack
we really love to walk
down to the pier
lookin' deep into
the harbor waters
facts that slaughter
so many years
it's this movin' on
that stimulates me
this chance to see
I mean the true
inside thee
the never can hide
from me
the till the day
I die, surprised,
now are we????
yes baby, there was a
distance never traveled
we shoulda built
the wall together
I mean the one for
stormy weather, and all
this chance that maybe
yes that you could set
yer soul free, a plan that
found itself up weeping
willow tree...willow weep
for me ......willow weep
for the chance that never danced
the thing I always call just "BE"
the time we dined, and chomped down
on the rind, I call it reality......WIREMAN