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who the FUCK is BOB?

Posted to Action Poetry

this internet nonsense is getting to me bigtime.... gotta click to find out nonsense and click to find out truths and click to find out that you clicked too many times and spent your youth wasted on clicking, the flick of a click, so absurd, the words sprayed in space like a lure, the whir of the goddamned cpu when you've got 30 seconds on the clock to see you through, so all i can say is read this rant outloud even though OUTLOUD ain't a fucking word and see if you find anything absurd in here, because we're all bobbing up and down on the ends of fucking fishing lines, wandering and wondering, dancing in the thundering of commas, pauses, and YELLS!!! and as far as i can tell, bob is just a three letter word upside down with itself, backwards and forwards, the same same fucking thing held up to a mirror and what's the name of that? the backwords forwards word that means the same only different? i have it in my notes... trust me... there's a name for that... and believe me that when a person says "believe me" or "trust me" , those persons shouldn't be believed, said the man to me with a LIE up his sleeve but i loved Bob... he hit me good, straight into my eyes, blackened by the sighs of knowing we were one, repeating to me that he had me and was undone by the whole scenario, needle in his arm that i pulled out by hand to save him from waking up to cut himself with the glass he had walked through.... damn mirrors and fate, damn damn damn damn DAMN the relationships of touch you want so much but which eat your hearts in crumbs without lunch and i'm here to tell you, i am a blur occurred on the back of someone's lens, the intense drama of what could happen while the hope intends the peace, my freedom laced with a peace of my jaw, typing memories and dreams with a claw on a board, my word, just a partial glimpse of my fate, straight out sucking up the fucking words i spew myself, because nothing's ever new, nothing's ever new, nothing is nothing it's true, but everything is here for you, bobbed up from the bottom of a sea me now, intruded into a be me and a wow, classified like ink on a page, fishing...........