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i'm tired......

Posted to Action Poetry

i'm tired of playing
i'm tired of being tired of trying
i'm tired of the denying of the hold of Time,
i'm tired of the why and the where and the accuasatory stare
of a distant blare of a nemesis
i'm tired of a kiss is just a kiss
a wish is just a wish and a bogey on a boat,
hepburn trying to cope while the moss takes my soul..
i'm tired ... of the whole damn
frigging scenario and i'm blasting myself
up and off the screen like hollywood had a choice,
taking the audience by their throats with gltutten
self punishment, running away from angels
as wings take hold of my arms,
the charms of the beauty of songs
played into my ear so clear
i coudl breathe it.

i am tired.
tired of screaming.
tired of quicksand pulling my legs in
from the knees, tired of not being able to see
the tree beyond the goddamn forest of words,
tired of being tired of the absurdity
of a fjord and a rush of tide,
but my heart is insde his chest beating
him alive maybe but i don't know
and i am just so tired, the glow
of the screen is a mean loud
in between of nothing
and i am something
that i am, me,
tired so tired
of what can
be and what
can never