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watching you grow

Posted to Action Poetry

don’t get your hopes up
her chances are slim
the doctor said
she may not make it
much too small
forced your way fighting
into a world
not ready for you
two months early
you proved the doctor wrong

and you grew
and evolved
from a screaming bundle
to a toddler
running everywhere
never ending chatter
giggles and laughter
dimples and fun

and you grew
dramas and school
friends true and false
cigarettes and booze
passed around joints
experiences tried
experiences tasted
so you grew
wise for your years
goals set and achieved
dreams realized
dreams shattered

and i watch you grow
shifting from promise
to actuality
the beauty of life
dances in your eyes
hope for the future
flashes in your smiles
lessons learned hard
grounded in your tears
wisdom gained
life tasted
sometimes wasted
as you grow
into womanhood

my life is full
watching you grow
(this still needs work... but tonight i just wanted to say... i'm proud of you... of your passion... to speak up for what you believe is right... don't let anyone quench your fire... try to harness your spirit... yeah baby... you got it goin' on... keep it up!) You probably would have preferred cookies.