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my abortion

Posted to Action Poetry

in my mid-thirties with two sons
one sick since birth
taking all my energy and time
genetic they said
chances of a normal child
little to none
period didn't show that
month or the next
was it the 'pause'
way too soon and so
i wondered and that little
kit made it clear
this couldn't be happening
not now, not ever
but it was, yes, it was
trip to the clinic
guy standing near the door
handing out leaflets
young girls shakily moving
past his self-righteousness
Cecil holding my hand
our love creating another
experience to learn
only young girls inside
and me, old enough to
know better...wanna bet?
doctor's face compassionate
but harried and hurried
and then, quickly
it was done, over
all a lesson...
and I am stronger for it

Kate, we are standing together.