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i just found this in the middle of the board while scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. thank you so much. you rock the casbah.

dinner's on me tonight. how does pasta sound? muahahahahahahahaha.

here's something for you:

sometime you became human
transformed from the rock i broke myself upon
into flesh
into real
as we have stood
in the face of so much
of revolving pain
of family pictures minus daddy
of disapproving relatives
of no after no after no
you have transformed
i go to you in screaming hours
looking for the peace you carry
finding answers you say you don't have
in diningroom table discoveries
you have transformed
you are all i admire
you are my opposite
you are my anchor
as life pushes us closer
and pulls us apart
we somehow still stand together
and i couldn't be more grateful
for everything you've given
with open hands
for everything you've taught
as you've stood brave
you have shown me
you have shaped me
you have taught me
how to stand
in this place
waiting for answers
that seem like they'll never come
you give me hope
because i come from you
and if i can live up to that
then i have a fighting chance.

thank you.