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something quick

Posted to Action Poetry

carbon copied smiles
like ameobia to swim
into my day
with howls
natural as wind
knockin over trash cans
to leave rotten eggs
dirty diapers
all over the hours
captured in a glass
spillin with hand movements
i spin in circles
on the daily dance floor
with my hair extendin
like mouthed arms
swallowin the air
in full gulp
to prevent insomnia
as i stare into
the blankness of being
and realize...
i am whole
unlike mannequins
on display
with perfect'd bodies
polymers melted as i
tan under the sun
peelin over time
to deteriate into
urban landfills
with hands reachin up
to the uncarin sky
so blue and grey
it innuendos at cold
with icy rains
to splinter the fingernails
that never get grit under them
a fly lands
on the palm to
read out the fortune
told a millions times
over due to
cloning processes
with the umbilical
cord to deviate
from everyday words