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fill in the blanks of this timeline we created. i know where i'm landing. just call me alice and pick at doorways to explore. drown in possibility and never read behind the metaphor.
we all turn to ashes.
we all turn to ashes.
but i thought it to be before now. control as a substitue for this mind blowing sex we always want but never talk about. break on levels never thought to be possible. but i see beyond the rusted chain links that scraped my face. i soaked through and went back for more. be the catholic school girl pride and joyed never miraged. learning to speak Venusian but live on Jupiter. always said it was their dusty tears that pulled to make this planet. just to have state-of-the-art binoculars to spy on other nurasies. never to be a pawn in you gameboard baby because your the bishop in mine.....your move...