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wheres the man?

Posted to Poetry

with a kitty tiger
hangin` off his leg
hiding out behind
desperat words of
for noone to hear

come forth, ranger
from f- town x-ile
and sling thy
lane into this
white graveyard
it is no sounds
if the threes dont fall
but they may fall just the same
we just cant hear ya

take a bow into this
hawnted island
where only the
dead souls grows among the

tell us again about
that kitty tiger
holding on
to yer bloody legbone
are you shaking him of yet
or still laughing
in the attmept

the drums are barking throught
the jungle
someones coming?
slinging the lane
live in danger
or die laughing
off- a- dee f-town
or edinburg
or killarney
take a bow