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Posted to Action Poetry

The room is pure white,
angel visions fill his sight,
and he smell perfume.
There she stands,
back straight,
looking through the door,
smiling into his eyes.

He grins, gently,
raising himself onto his legs,
by pushing his back against the wall,
leaning on his shoulders,
pushing up with his knees -
Straight jacket, you see.

The nurse leaves.

She appraoches him,
as he tilts his head to the side,
before she puts her palm to his forehead,
gently calming his surprise.
He smiles.

The proceed to have a three-way conversation with a banana,
the man persisting to reminds her of Freud,
as she nods,
sometimes laughing,

She takes him outside,
convincing the hospital to
'please, loosen his jacket. Let him free for a while.'
They comply,
as the walk the grass,
between trees and he whispers,
a beautiful romance in her ear,
rousing her heart with his every breath
until she gasps, in
bizarre euphoria,
to hug him tightly,
feeling Fancy and Love,
in One.

They proceed to dance and
then he chases her up a tree,
wildly trying to catch her,
playing a wolf ...
laughing hystericly.

When she leaves,
all he does is,
sit stiff and listen
to the whispers of his mind,
drooling sometimes,
in complete
isolation, repeating,