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Man! (Ginzberg would approve)

Posted to Action Poetry

hey you! poet!
tell me a pome
come on, fucker,
tell me a pome

i thought you
wuz a poet...
cant you tell me
some fuckin' pome
just like some
F A G !
come on, man...

tell me a pome
'bout love 'n peace
tell me a pome
'bout flowers 'n girls
tell me a pome
'bout stars shinin' bright
tell me a pome
'bout long pretty curls

you are a son-of-a-bitch
---a pencil pushin' cunt
why doncha grow up like a man
learn to fish 'n hunt

i wanna man just like
big ol' rocky graciano
he'd flatten ya, jack
flat on yer back -
and leave you with no dough

come on pome boy
write some lines for me
i'm a mean motha' fuck
ya better not dog me

i'll twist yer neck
might make ya cry
i can hear ya now -
'don't let me die!'

come boy! pull out yer pen
i gotta hankerin for a pome
i wanna hear 'bout some men

quit lookin' at me wimp
are ya some kinda queer
give me a pome cocksucker
about some men and their beer

i'm a man of the world
just ask any of them
women fear me
whenever i come in

cuz i'm the MAN mother fucker
and i do whatever i feel
i'm the MAN, cute little thing
come over hear boy and kneel

Humm me a pome
right here on this flute
and doncha dare stop
keep yerself mute

talk to my longfellow -
ginzburg would approve