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problems of the week

Posted to Action Poetry

walked the dogs at dawn
little crappers
fed the cats
and chased them out the door
changed the litterbox
took the motorcar in for an oilchange
read the new york times about the end of the world
afterwards returned to the garage
where the oil man cheerfully assured me
the car was falling apart
say, didn't i bring this in five months ago
and spend $843 and you told me it would all be done and fixed?
-well, you got an oil leak, and your rear cylinder is shot
I'd advise new rear brakes
yeah, let me get back to you on that
took deli sandwiches to the kid, primping at her best
friend's house, waiting for the prom to begin tonight
brought back a fish sandwich for the wife
she says she broke her thumb yesterday
refuses to go to the emergency room and all that
even though our insurance covers every visit
went back out for dove bars for the wife
we made a splint with the popsickle sticks
watched the news about the biker war
in laughlin, na
where once the wife won two hundred dollars
from her first quarter in a double diamond slot
bikers, yeah, the 20 year river run
guns and knives, the tv woman says
i turned the channel
fox tv and watched the saudis dis us again on the bbc
and uncle george wants to drill up north
christ, it's only 3 p.m.
so i will sit here and write
to all of you tonite
just another saturday in paradise
smoking the tepa tu
and watchin the bending trees
roiling beyond the sunny window
if i am gone tonite
i'll be in the emergency room
watching my wife get her thumb fixed right
maybe it's just swollen