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remember your hands(impromptu m.a.s. meeting)'s actually done now.

Posted to Action Poetry

tonight i remember you
the way your mouth spoke
silent secrets to mine
the way your hands
traced patterns on
my back
while you whispered in my hair
telling me
that i was
absolutely killing you.
oh you knew what you were doing
there in that moonlit corner
as my kisses wandered lower
and my hips moved closer
that's what i wanted all along
that's the game i wanted to play
i wanted to show you the secrets
i held inside my mouth
and in the palms of my hands
i wanted to trace
whispers on your chest
with my fingertips
and tell your skin
how much i needed you
right then
in that moonlit corner
you were mine

and right now
here i am
remembering your hands
waiting for the moment
when you can
work some of that
magic of yours