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And the Sun breaks through the clouds

Posted to Action Poetry

Spreading light upon my face
I sit and wait contendedly
peace flowing through the space
The sun catches velvet red
Leaves shadow upon the frame
In the quiet tiredness of body
My life will never be the same
Today the light was swirling
wafting rainbows off my body
Behind me I saw golden light
Light I'd never known before
I wait in domesticity
The kids are content
wondering if fantasy
is truely heaven sent
My heart is all a flutter
like the newly butterfly
I have emerged from
changing slumber
no more tears to cry
Today I think I saw heavens light
and I think my mother passed through
for finally, I'm ok, myself anew
and sooner than I could ever had dreamed
That wish of mine will be true
and the strong warm arms around me
enfolding as I drown in eyes of blue
Quietly excited, she smiles
with a little happy tear
May everyones dreams be real
for this is the special year.