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do it again

Posted to Action Poetry

in the space
between our lips,
between our dancing fingers,
between our thoughts.
your movements toward me
as we lay on our sides
and your want growing hard
against my leg.
your face the most beautiful sun
i could ever bathe under.
you touch me
with the intent of a criminal
and the light of a saint.
how you press into me,
holding me firm,
biting your lower lip
and asking me to touch.
so i touch
and whisper
until you're deep inside of me
pressing and pulling
grinding and fucking.
how i love the feel of you
and sometimes
i can't wait for you.
but put my mouth on your neck
my hands on your back
waiting for you to cum...
waiting for you to release.
that look on your face,
the feel of your weight on my entire body.
the resting of your slowing heartbeat,
the way you dig your arms into the sheets under me
and hold,
hold me.
and i slyly
run my fingers along your back,
nibble your earlobe
and exhale onto your neck pleading
underneath an innocent smile,
"do it again."