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mor pomes frm aone.

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i am?

my persona a falsehood?
all those who, view--
facial facet of imagination:
a portrayal of?(a mirror)
i lurk: (behind)
a social mask, existing
only upon pristine pages
embracing my?

9 may 96

sweet sixteen

floating above me

dressed in all your ebony splendor

love cascades in the sunlight

i seek the forbidden fruit~

a mirrored soul repents.

17 may 96

real mccoy
(for mccoy tyner)

nocturnal rhythms ivade
summer's silence
your keys to beauty--
invoke remininscent dreams--
the moments
lifes calendars dismiss days
&love always remains...

18 may 96


Within the glint

of all Melancholic Afternoons

relationships shatter

amidst the breaths of demons

i close my eyes &

compose poems

on the walls of my tomb

w/ lifeless semen

from:OFFRAMP 84-96


Seduction Smiles

the chill of winter

Fate bathes Kindred Souls

a Purple cloud

whispers, promises, dreams

sand thru the Glass

glimpses of Heaven

all emotion defined

2 aug 96


i desire to seek
all forgotten souls
upon the beaten path
an eternal nothingness
illusionary delusion
within the Spectrum
my death an exactitude
Time reigns supreme

16 july 96

Allen (for ginsberg)

Cocksucking sage

the dead Revolution

eternal propoganda faggot

chanting hypothetical rhetoric

anal vaseline jew

forever composing cumpoems

upon deadlovers souls

1 aug 96
4 a.g.

alain christian broune.