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fuck me

Posted to Action Poetry

that's right.
i'm only a spirit
who wishes to enter
and exit you
through your mouth
and lungs
touching our teeth
our tongues
our souls
through this communion of spirits.
open your mouth,
let me in,
let me taste you
hold you there
and back away
for a look of your divinity
before you evaporate completely.
i've opened my thighs
and placed your hand
upon the inside
"just do what it is
spirits do
when they enter."
and instantly i moaned.
you entered me like a statue of christ
enters the church sanctuary.
with belonging and purpose.
and fuck me
how i need you
fuck me
how i miss you
fuck me
everything tainted
fuck it away.
fuck me.
fuck me until i am no more.
fuck me until i'm yours forever more.