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speak up

Posted to Action Poetry

whispering to me
the angel on my shoulder
just whispers
damn it speak up
the little devil is doing fine
I don't have a problem hearing him shout
the angel though it seems is completley mute
let's just encourage the bitch a bit shall we
come on hon you can do it just speak from the diaphram
don't forget to annunciate
if you do forget
I still won't know what the hell your saying
ok, that's better frantically flapping your wings
that helps
I see you're tring to get something across
how about a word
just one
come on
you can do it
I won't yell agian if you just try
ok, flapping and your mouth is opening good
good try
we'll keep working
don't cry
really that was good
see now the devil's laughing
please don't cry
really it's ok