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Out of the Blue

Posted to Action Poetry

no pushin'
kinda like a
relaxin' groove
slow smooth
and wet....saturated
rainy night in
tomorrow, 1st time
for me and her
ya know she sets
my heart a whirl
the most pleasant ride
all about a feeling
deep inside....cause
she came outta the blue
for some unexplainable,
no need analyzin' it, knew
what I had to do....mainly
that the sculptures the thang
so don't let the rest be a drain
what's this to love ya gotta endure...
pain?..I tell ya that's only a game
cause if ya let it, if yer smooth about
it, like cream it'll rise ya to the pinnacle
of yer game, and yet it's acted out on stage
marchin' thru lives on parade...yes she came
out of the blue, she showed a wired man a love
that's true, now baby we can walk anywhere, the
fact is we took the chance to dare, fact is she
came outta of the blue...the powder blue!!!!!!!!!...WIREMAN