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On saying Goodbye

Posted to Action Poetry

Seems the sands are running now
to meet the tides of your sea
Im waiting for the foamy reach
of tomorrows un nameable.
Your creeping through my shadows
to trace a journey back home
and I cant stop you with a kiss anymore
just watch you quest your thousand shore ocean
and hope you stop by me sometime.
And time is tripping memories made
I know your tracing images
sideways on this screen
just want to keep you there
and i just want to wipe it clean.
What danger lurks in knowing your far?
with hope trickling like the tempting taste of words once uttered,
let them float amongst your sea.
Remember who I am, Love
and who are you when your with me?
Remember I love you, love
you cant wash that over with the tides of your sea.
I'm never good at goodbyes, love
Im watching sorrow grow
Im never good at holding on, love
Never good at saying my last I love you.
Let it echoe through your tides,
whatever you choose to be, love
My love circles your every breath
Im waiting for my angel,
through the corridors of mind
keeping you in secret places
where I can taste you once again,
let your ocean find its shore
once more