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We Should Have Built This Wall Together

Posted to Action Poetry

As long as I breathe
There will be tomorrow
No longer looking back for answers
To all those woulda, shoulda, coulda things

BE, these things we have the power to see
To control and even change our destiny

Within the palms of our hands, lies our future
Here today, gone tomorrow...

It is our time to shine baby!
No one can stop us from this endless sea
Divided, we somehow missed the possibility

Of years of fighting, for nothing really
This is the crossroad, where the fork starts to bend
Now is the moment, where you and I join hands

Come with me, to change our destiny
Forces of evil will shutter, with us working together
Bring this to a whole new level, a plateau

To see eye to eye, put an end to this battle
Love me, for hate requires too much energy

To render it worthy of the tolerance to carry it on
Yet apart, worthy opponents....

Together, we'll conquer the planet!

*Written for Eric...