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Never gonna say goodbye (Haze)

Posted to Action Poetry

One of my three true loves
Is over there with golden hair
I feel her all the time
Her mate, he hates me, now
But I feel that they
are giving up too easily
and need to fight to be free.

I wish she knew
just how much I adore
her twinkly smiling eyes
I ran away, one day
For I couldn't bear her cries
I wish she knew how
my very soul aches
and sometimes when I think of her
I swear my heart, it breaks.

I wish I could wave a magic wand
and take it all away
I wish that I could have the way
to let her and all play

singing our happy songs of love
If you could make a promise
it would be one that I will keep
I swear my, dear, I swear
one day we will sleep
with the tender wings of angels
wrapped about us warm
I miss you eternally
I really really do
Oh, Haze, my sweet
If only you knew

The mother has inherited
a few others on my way
I really need to get the place
for ALL of us to play
But as you once said to me
TIME is our only friend.

I am on the brink
of truest love, true
all i have been wishing for
those dreams I shared with you
With our love, growing stronger everyday
That,I feel will chase
all the mean nasties away.

Oh, sweet one, my love
How I yearn to hold
you safe and warm within
my arms, love love love enfold.

I will love you forever
and if you ever find
a white feather
lying on the ground
pick it up, put it
in your hair
and know I'm always around.

I love you