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Cut It Complicated

Posted to Action Poetry

Shredded coconut
moist and tasty
inside, the feeling
in pieces and there
is no fair share
fact is there's only
the question,"do ya dare?"
laid bare sweet feast
down we are to the
last piece..."cut it complicated!"
that's what I say
mi spiritu sanctu on parade
never wanna be caught
in a charade, and like Leon Russell
said, "were lost in a masquerade"
winding, turning, big fat slice
icing dripping shreds, even when ya
gotta make yer bed on uneven ground
me smooth, slow rhythm, ahhhhhh!!!!!
the shear delight, this preflight leading to exstacy, timeless embrace
jump in sink or swim, no about face
cuttin' my slice complicated, just
the way it's gotta be, and as I ride off
into the sunset, shoutin' "cut it complicated
for me, baby please!" ...WIREMAN...