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Satellite Souls

Posted to Action Poetry

your eyes say so much
i can see your soul
the passions burning

i cannot resist
i reach out for you
as i slowly draw closer

my arms encircle your waist
i feel your breasts
smother my beating heart

i squeeze you
as you squeeze me
key limes never had it so good

my hands run up your back
tracing your spine
the chakras awakening

i want to touch you
feel the softness
of your naked flesh

my fingers slip under
your blouse easily slipped
from your pants - free

i touch tenderly your back
feel you give way to me
my other hand rises to your face

i trace the curves
your sculpted face
delicious to the touch

our lips finally meet
feather light
until your tongue touches

your gentle lick
over my own lips
i feel your thigh

the rub against my legs
centers between
yes - i am hard

my leg pushes between
your own legs give way
we both squeeze tighter

standing becomes weakened
by our loss of balance
we fall to the bed

your legs revealed
i look while reaching
i touch your thigh

so soft...tender...
i place my palm down
and slowly ascend

i stop short of your panties
your other thigh i must feel

my other hand reaches
your breasts long neglected
push against the blouse

buttons come undone
your tits set free
so soft your flesh

your eyes aglow
my breathing heavier
as you surrender

i surrender to desire
our lust abandoned
to our imagination

we reach plateaus
journey to ecstacy
every trip the first

your mouth tasting
my secrets revealed
i swallow your breath

and eat your nastiness
every sweet bite
chewed until i drink it

intoxicated with bliss
our union explodes
stellar psychedelics

launched into orbits
rotating around nirvana
two tantric satellites souls