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First road story ever (pc)

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A road is more than pavement, made for vehicles to drive on. It represents the vein of society, pumping people through the land, passing hills, meadows, rivers, valleys, small towns and big cities.There is only one thing that has to be taken into account when comparing people with cities and streets...we have a heart, a pump pushing the blood throughout our body. Where is this general pump, is there one primary object pushing everyone through the land? The most logical answer appears to be "no", there isn't. People all take different routes, there are no real patterns and certainly no such thibg as a care, from which all travellers (short -or long distance) start and where they end again.

Now think deeper. Let's try and analyze ourselves. There is, in my opinion, something more, namely "purpose". That, to me, is the heart of our travelling, even more so, it is the heart of humanity. Even when someone is just "going for a drive", there still is a purpose. Less direct, indeed, unlike "I am going to visit my mother" for example. But there is always a purpose.

Ever hit the road during a sunset? The crimson colours, as if someone rapidly and with great precision, pulled a blanket over the blue sky. The road seems to move directly into the sun on the horizon. On moments like that, the true purpose of everything comes to mind: beauty. Why can't that be what life is about? A stranger offering you a drink, talking to you about the spiritual depth found in the poetry of William Blake, while then making love to you in the car, the silent witness. Again, beauty. Is there anything more beautiful to perceive than two people physically loving each other. The naked bodies and sensuous odeurs escaping from the backseat through the rolled-down windows. By the time your ways depart again, the crimson blanket has been painted black, and silver dots appear through the darkness. Notice the irony in the world. The satrs are not so appealing and attractive because they are white, but because of the sky being black. Darkness gives light meaning, and light offers darkness that mistery unparallelled on this planet.

Come home, park the car and go inside...everyone has road stories, some of us find a purpose to write them...