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remember the rains

Posted to Action Poetry

kissin my open flesh
from a star'd sky
drops landin with
invisible wings
on tan'd skins
speakin in foreign tongues
slowly movin down
my supple dermis to sooth
with refreshin chills
fallin to the ground
layin out on the court
to turn into mirror
reflections of darkness
arms extended to
private conversations
beneath the canopy
music is heard from
evolutionary rocks
bottles to mouths
while colors
slip into the pavement
i let my body
feel the vibrations
that come from above
as lighting is heard
the foliage disguisin
with amber street lights
i come drench'd
into the moment when
water is smelt
and eyes are lit up
with the fires
of what is life
turnin round
oblivious to everything
but you

you know this is for you, don't act all retarded about it either.